Shows for schools and colleges

REaching over 50 000 students a year

Jo is one of the most booked artists in Europe. With his school and college shows he reaches more than 50 000 students a year.

Performing worldwide

Since his performance on Penn and Teller Fool Us (Season 4) Jo is now available for shows in the USA and other countries worldwide – not forgetting the star of his show, Chicken Curry, the only mind-reading chicken in the world!

The perfect mix of entertainment and education

The ‘success recipe’ for Jo’s school and college shows is the perfect mix between entertainment and education. The shows are a rollercoaster ride combining theater with comedy, magic, mentalism, circus skills, trained animals (yes that includes Chicken Curry) and plenty of audience participation.

More than 15 Unforgettable shows

Over the years Jo has developed more than 15 different shows for schools and colleges. He delivers an educational message wrapped in powerful imagery with unforgettable stunts.

Chicken Curry joins the show!

Of course Chicken Curry – known from Penn and Teller Fool Us and Got Talent shows all over the world – is the star of the show! She can do maths, magic and mind-reading and must be by far the smartest chicken in the world.

Shows in high-demand

Actors who form part of Jo’s team perform his shows as well (in Belgium and Holland) in order to meet the high demand.