Curry for the fans

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry The Diva

Chicken Curry is a real diva. She is the only chicken in the world that can do mind-reading, mathematics and jump through a hoop of fire.

She has more than 20 different stunts under her belt making her the smartest chicken on earth – and she knows it!Jo
  • She’s intriguing
  • She’s smart
  • Shes’ daring
  • She’s highly skilled

Curry has done 24 TV shows so far:

  • 2012: Jo in de boomhut

    Appearance in an episode of Jo in de boomhut – Ned 2, Holland

  • 2012: Belgium’s Got Talent

    VTM, Belgium

  • 2013: The Joyce Joy show

    VTM Kzoom, Belgium

  • 2013: Ketnet

    Guest appearance – Ketnet, Belgium

  • 2013: ATV

    Guest appearance – ATV, Belgium

  • 2013: TVLimburg

    Guest appearance – TVLimburg, Belgium

  • 2014: Holland’s Got Talent

    RTL, Holland

  • 2014: Jo & Curry Show

    12 episodes of ‘Jo & Curry’ – VTM Kzoom, Belgium

  • 2015: Das Supertalent

    RTL, Germany

  • 2015: Ketnet

    Guest appearance – Ketnet, Belgium

  • 2016: Obberaffengeil

    RTL, Germany

  • 2016: Mindmaster Live

    SBS6, Holland

  • 2016: Penn and Teller Fool us

    CW, America

Curry loves .

Curry hates .

Curry is a regular leghorn, the exact type of chicken used for roast chicken, but shhhhh, don’t tell her that…Jo


Besides her TV appearances she performs daily with Jo in theatres, schools and events for more than 50 000 people a year.

When she is not performing she works with Jo on new acts or she just relaxes, enjoying an extremely luxurious life in her mansion together with a nice flock of chicks.