Shows for youth and adults

A rollercoaster ride of entertainment

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of amazing, highly original and weird experiences that Jo De Rijck has to offer. In one show you can see hypnosis, mentalism, comedy, audience participation, life threatening juggling acts, street jacket escape and a chicken reading someone’s mind!

From a booth to a theatre

Jo has created different shows for all kinds of settings, from a booth with his mind reading chicken to longer shows for large theatres. Our staff would love to help you find the perfect show for your setting.

A unique comedy style to suit all ages

Jo has a unique comedy style making him loved by audiences worldwide. Whether you are 12 or 102, you will love his show and personality!

You want someone famous?

Jo became known from his TV appearances in Europe and started his international journey to fame on the 20th of July 2017 by appearing on the TV show Penn and Teller Fool Us. They even named that episode ‘Penn, Teller and a mind reading chicken!’